By Markus Feldenkirchen at Spiegel Online.

As they pull up to the place where Michael Brown was killed, shot six times by a policeman, they sink to the ground and stare at a cross bearing his name.

”I don’t get it,” says Jurmael, 22. He and Tyler, 21, live in the neighborhood. Like Brown, they are African Americans and are close to his age. “I do get one thing though,” Tyler says. “The name on the cross could just as well be one of ours.”

Michael Brown was stopped on Canfield Drive by a white officer for the same reason that people are stopped everyday by the police. Roberts and Greer even have a name for the “offense” — a common one in Ferguson, Missouri: “WWB,” “Walking while black.” Every black person living in Ferguson knows the meaning of the abbreviation because it is a constant part of their lives.

A very well-written, and very depressing, piece of reporting from Spiegel Online. The photo gallery is also worth viewing.

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Negativland’s “All in Your Head”: illegal art about religion, packaged in a Bible


The upcoming 2-CD set, the band’s first studio album in six years, deals with “monotheism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, neuroscience, suicide bombers, 9/11, colas, war, and shaved chimps,” and is packaged as CD inserts glued to the inside covers of a “found” copy of the King James Bible.

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Google autocomplete easteregg





there is not one search term here that isn’t magical

i know ive reblogged this before at least twice but i decided to read through the entire thing this time and im in pain from how hard i am laughing please forgive me

If I ever stop reblogging this call EMS immediately.

I’m torn between “did a ghost do my taxes,” “are there fraggles in my body,” “who is solar system,” “cant see legs,” and is sarah palan made of crab meat.” Any one of them could be a Chip Zdarsky tweet.

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San Francisco neo no wave in an Italian magazine, 1982


San Francisco neo no wave in an Italian magazine, 1982

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Roky Erickson, 1977, photo by Scott Newton


Roky Erickson, 1977, photo by Scott Newton

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why is this so hard for people to understand

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Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land (1940 lyrics)

This is the version including the verse:

Was a high wall there that tried to stop me

A sign was painted said: Private Property,

But on the back side it didn’t say nothing —

This land was made for you and me.

Also there’s a lyric sheet of his including a verse he never recorded:

One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple,
by the relief office I saw my people.
As they stood hungry,
I stood there wondering if God blessed America for me.

This is a radical song, this is a populist leftist song and was released at the same time as McCarthyism in America. He was criticizing the song “God Bless America” [first written lyrics include “God blessed America for me” in place of “This land was made for you and me”] Woody Guthrie rules and this song isn’t safe and innocent.

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Phil Ochs - Links on the Chain

When the police on the horses were waitin’ on demand,
Ridin’ through the strike with the pistols in their hands,
Swingin’ at the skulls of many a union man,
As you built one more link on the chain, on the chain,

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